Toyota Xli Gli Model 2014 – Latest Pictures – Latest Videos

The 2014 Corolla is not just a pretty face. Let our inner beauty win you over. Premium interior refinements to keep you feeling as good as you look. Strong, modern styling—a head turner.

Descending from the ceiling, the star of the night finally arrives. For 2014, the popular compact sedan gets expressive new styling inspired by the Corolla Furia Concept that Toyota unveiled at the Detroit auto show in January. And some of what lies beneath the flashy body is also impressively different.

2014 Toyota Corolla Features:

New Dark Grey upper interior with wood grain finish.

Navigation System
iPod Direct In-dash DVD Player with built-in Blue Tooth & Navigation

Power Steering
Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering

6 Speed Manual Transmission
For drivers who like the responsive feel and hands-on control of a manual gear shift, the Corolla Hatch is fitted with a proven 6-Speed Manual transmission system. The gear ratios are set to give you the power when you need it with ample mid-range acceleration and excellent fuel economy when you’re cruising on the highway.

Shift Lever:
The design, touch to the hand, and ease of use of the shift lever were all carefully considered to give an excellent operational feel. The gate shifter allows smoother changing of gears while preventing missed shifts.

Automatic Transmission
Automatic Gate Type Gear Shift with Super ECT

Available in 1.6L Altis Cruisetronic & 1.6L GLI

Monitors driving style to help reduce fuel consumption. The indication light turns on when driving in the economy zone.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock ups when braking on hard or slippery surfaces.


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